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Worth Watching

She does make some valid and interesting points, though I can't say I loved that tie. ;)
Her description of all money as a fungible proxy is on target. Her relation of money to time to a humans work seems inescapable, but she lost me with her views on interest. Her arguments aren’t based on any empirical evidence, but rather Old Testament bible verse.
Her view requires that a man's work is worth more over time.
An individual human’s work does become worth more over time, as he or she become more proficient at the career they have chosen.
As an amalgam for work, it must take into account the young worker, who is not as proficient as an older worker. As a worker becomes more proficient, they would earn more of the fungible proxy per unit of work.
Not having interest does not negate the ability to earn money on an investment. Using her example, if I loan someone 100,000 dollars, when the term comes due, with no interest, i get back my 100,000. Why can't i charge a fee for the loan instead? We agree that I will be paid back 110,000 at the term end. The fungible proxy that we use doesn’t have to change its value.

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