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I think we must always remember what Reagan said he was going to do and what he actually did as president are TWO COMPLETELY different things.
Reagan grew gvt exponentially and he reneged on his promise to return to the sound monetary we once enjoyed.
People dont know it was thanks to "Reagans raiders" and other groups in Pauls district that got Reagan elected and then Reagan did the opposite of what he promised. ron went way out on a limb to endorse reagan, and only 4 members of congress did.. it was a mass media spin that reagan was a conservative and it is written falsely in books he was. his economic policies failed and were a farce no diff then all the rest. reagan protected the status quo when he could have done something.
Ron Paul quit congress in disgust and never really trusted anyone ever again nor would he endorse as freely.
This was a big moment in Dr. Pauls life and then to go against his better judgement and allow his constituents to talk him into returning to the congress in 96 and going up against speaker Gingrich and the entire texas republican delegation- i think there were 39 in total who endorsed pauls primary opponent and paul won with more of the vote then he did in 86 and spent less money!!!! just like we expect from our true conservative! The establishment here couldnt show their face for a decade after that!!!
The entire texas delegation went against dr paul and paul STILL WON!!lol
ok sorry, got carried away..
but the lesson is, we dont want reaganomics unless it is that of reagans ORIGINAL plans as president, not what he actually did.
reagan was not a good president no matter what some conservatives may say..... they would be the big gvt: "sometimes Im a conservative" , saying he was a good one. the fake conservatives who cry when their bread is no longer getting buttered by big gvt.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016