Comment: The message of Regan is unbeatable.

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The message of Regan is unbeatable.

Sadly, he succumbed to establishment pressures by appointing Bush as his VP and was blind to manipulation by Neocons in his administration, looking to seize his party as soon as he was out of the way.

But, the fact that charitable giving was higher in the 80s than at any point in U.S. history is proof that Americans thought they were getting Reagan's rhetoric, not his actions. Although, welfare spending remained virtually the same, Americans were prepared to and did take on poverty through private charity, showing that if Reagan had had a Republican Congress and the personal willpower, he had a mandate to eliminate welfare altogether.

The Liberty Movement needs to reenergize that mandate within the American people...but, this time actually carry through with dismantling the Great Society, massively slashing taxes, and returning to sound money.