Comment: Limbaugh has the audacity to even speak

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Limbaugh has the audacity to even speak

the name Ron Paul? After saying "well y'all think he's kooksville...but" Well yes, after Limbaugh, Hannity, and what's that other whiner's name? started ranting about him being a kook, the devoted mindless hate radio masses started believing them without understanding one word Paul had to say. Now, I'm starting to hear Paul being quoted, just today Hannity said, "Have you heard Paul's farewell speech? Everyone should listen to it." Well, if these guys would have treated him with the respect he deserved, Obama wouldn't be sitting in that oval office and likely Romney either! We'd have a man who cares about liberty, setting this country back on the right track, and avoiding economic collapse. Oh, but I preach to the choir as usual!