Comment: Openness and disclosure

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Openness and disclosure

In a free society, transparency and disclosure of food products is necessary for an informed consumer to make a choice. A rule which enforces that on companies that don’t really wanna' seems like one good use of government.
What is the argument for companies not having to disclose what is in the product? cost?
Making the info available on a web site would be enough. Those that want to go the extra mile will provide one of those smart phone scan tags. Producers that use other products can simply link to the other vendor’s info. Most companies have a web page anyway, and the cost of one is negligible.
We have technology, why aren’t we using it intelligently to solve issues?
Of course, the current government would use it as an excuse to tax and otherwise harass small companies and force some labeling laws that cost a fortune. That is one argument against it that I find reasonable.

Just open the box and see