Comment: This most recent event

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This most recent event

is just Israel reacting to thier recent string of political setbacks.

The dude that was killed by the drone was working for Israel in Palestine...he was one of their guys...he must have screwed up.

Plus nut-n-yahoo's boy Rmoney lost.

The Presidents of Turkey and Egypt have both pledged support for the Palestinians and both are planning a visit there.

Of course, the Israeli's are the ones that set up Patreus...Paula Krantz AKA Paula Broadwell is CIA and is a Jewish inetelligence asset.

nut-n-yahoo has an election coming up so he needs to push the fear button.

And it has been a while since nut-n-yahoo killed some Palestinians and he needed to flex a little muscle.

It is all a politcal will blow over in a couple weeks....Israel won't go in on the ground. Just more of the same.