Comment: Sorry. Rephrased, then :

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Sorry. Rephrased, then :

Sorry. Rephrased, then :

Do we STILL, ACTUALLY, need banks to lend money to whoever is striving to create wealth around himself ?

Banks and bankers used to be "unavoidable" for ages : you'd turn to them, as A SINGLE INTERFACE to fundings, because only them (bankers) used to have the accurate knowledge of the DEPOSITS they would have under their "control" / in their safe.

But today...

My experiment of thought is to see this milleniums-old SINGLE INTERFACE's reason of existence (banks, bankers) as being challenged by the very WWW's existence itself.

The latter could now sit between the wealth/job creator DIRECTLY CONNECTING to whoever (lenders) are willing to lend him the funds he needs in order to kickstart his project, business, etc.

Now there is only one question mark in the above ;)

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