Comment: I am an engineering student

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I am an engineering student

Yeah I second what the other guy said you are wrong. All engineering are built in with a factor of safety that far exceeds the level at which it would fail so if you expect a steel beam to fail from a force of lets say the weight of 20 people you design it to have a thickness and crosssectional area to be able to withstand the weight of a 100 people just for safe measure. This is a trivial example but you get the point.

Now engineers always have to balance things out like COSTS you dont want to add extra unneeded material or use materials that are too costly like have a cell phone with nothing but gold as your wires which is the best conductor. You have to weigh different benefits and properties.

And the guy above me is right if the business choses to cut costs in certain ways that is their choice and the business will either benefit or face a customer backlash.