Comment: College quality has gone down, except in your field.

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College quality has gone down, except in your field.

There is a phenomenon I call "the professional blind spot." I know what he said to me, and I know how oblivious he was to how retarded he sounded saying it. He is "the professional" so his opinion is "the learned one."
I thought modern medicine was the best thing on the planet, and I had to accept that it is about making money - and in "healthcare" they way to make money is to make life long addicts to your Rx - and kick in a few side effects that you have a pill for just for good measure. Most health care professionals cannot understand how or why I could say such a thing. Well.... because I finally looked at my "blind spot."
Your point about it being engineered one way and constructed another is well taken, but I assure you this engineer was taught that "over engineering" is a bad thing.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: