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So AJ has the faith virus Freedom Rocks

He is FAR from alone in that area. He bashes the bushes all the time but you are going to be hard pressed to find many christians who will say anything bad about israel or jews. (they fear being struck by lightening or that the devil has taken over their body or that they are going to burn in a fire pit after they are dead) All MUCH more logical than anything AJ has to say. :)

Anyway...anything anyone puts forward nowdays can be verified or sourced on the internet. Are you saying because AJ is funded by some group (Ive never heard of btw) or holds some mythological belief, nothing he says can be trusted or verified? I'd need to look up bonfmans if I wanted to specifically address them but Im not interested right now...maybe later. Point is...I CAN research what anyone says.

The only things I question about AJ are his "unbiased" product endorsments...but I understand them...Free Market Baby! ...that and his level of fear mongering...although who am I to say how close we are to tyranny? Maybe I should be more concerned?

In my view FEAR is the worst kind of prison. The ONLY thing I fear anymore are the jackbooted thugs that hide around my city waiting to bust my ass for some non crime. And I dont really fear them...I loath them and their ears must burn everytime I see them. lol.