Comment: Know what? You CAN research it before you reply.

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Know what? You CAN research it before you reply.

You reacted emotionally because you like AJ as a source. You admit you do not know who the Bronfman's are when the other person clearly DOES know who they are. When someone OBVIOUSLY knows something you do not, how about you look into it BEFORE you reply?
Here's a little help researching the Bronfmans:

And bear in mind, many of the really big names go to great effort to make sure you have never heard of them.

Now, I have not listened to this yet, I will try but I have a really crappy connection and can hardly watch any videos. But here is what I am betting i will hear: Alex has discovered that The People are rising up, and he wants to position himself as a "leader." He is throwing out Ron Paul's name as bait, and a whole lot of people will take it.
These petitions mean NOTHING. There are people signing them from all over the country for Idaho - NOT Idahoans. Have you looked at your state? Furthermore, all they will do is get a "response" from the White House, not even a promise to address the issue. A response can be "We received it." Last but certainly not least, a state does not secede by asking permission. They do it by exerting their right to do so, and I see none of that going on. But AJ will have a DVD out about it by next week, and be hawking his wares to survivalists with his fear-based advertising empire.
Understand, I still bless AJ for all the good work he does, I just suspect he does it so he can sow some evil seeds - although I certainly cannot know his heart.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.