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Anti-Ron Paul Thinking - Spreading Hatred

...a lot of things happened during the Middle Ages ... later "we" committed racial cleansing against the Indians and kicked them off their land. Ron Paul looks forward, not backwards.

Days after Ron Paul's Farewell speech, this kind of thinking and talking is the antithesis of everything he said. He has many Jewish friends and there are many Jews working toward a better world.

I think it is instructive to look at the activism of this man, (a former Zionist and soldier for Israel and the son of a general):

And, then reflect on what Ron Paul said. This kind of thinking needs to be fought in every way possible if we are to move away from "war without end."

This not a "battle against Jews" and not even against Israel. The leadership is not so different from the current leadership of the US.
"We" are just a little less upfront about what we are doing.

Just as a policy of aggression has infiltrated both Parties and we are trying to place "good" people in positions where it can be countered, we have to realize the true nature of aggression and our part in it or we can't even imagine the eventual "blow-back" that will occur against "us" due to our actions.

Ideological war against a country (Israel) or war against the World (Zionism). Zionism is not associated with any religion, it is Godless and amoral. It is a policy of aggression by the elites against the moral people of the world. It has infiltrated the leadership of countries, administrations, science, health, academia, and just about everything else. It doesn't matter how or by whom "Zionism" was planned or orchestrated. It simply is borne of and depends upon the very lowest denominator in the nature of man.

It uses propaganda and sophisticated tactics of turning brother against brother. It uses language like "jooz" and "rag head" and "sheeples" and "goyim." A first step toward the non-aggression Dr; Paul was talking about is to recognize this and condemn this kind of uncivilized thinking and language....especially on the DP.