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That's not what I see from Anarchists

"Anarchy is admitting that no human is God."

That's sure NOT what Anarchists sound like to me. They talk about all kinds of faith, but in them, God is absent.

Saying there is no god is a great first step to worshiping a man, to start worshiping yourself. There's no WORSE false idol than a man.

Most Anarchists I talk to fall to one or another category of self worship, and they fall in predictable ways. It's never enough for a man to worship himself as a soulless monkey.

They eventually start looking for more, for higher meaning. If the earth is just a mud ball floating through space and we're just worms feeding on that mud ball, why should anything you do even matter? Why should I care what happens to you or what you think? Why shouldn't I just make a snack out of you?


Questions, questions.. Why are we all still here?

Most Anarchists recognize the kind of evil that's out there. They know there are false idols who peddle hate, fear, and misery, who get off on destroying, and wish they could eliminate most of the human population, but evil men just can't seem to get the job done...

I wonder why? Especially when there are guys like you who'd try and make the case that it doesn't matter anyway. Look at all the hate in the world. It should be VERY easy. Just start pushing buttons and dig a rat hole to hide in; and bingo, evil men inherit the earth.

But it just keeps NOT happening.

I wonder what it is that's protecting human beings, why evil men can't seem to get the job done.

It really is a miracle that human beings still exist. No matter how much you want people to see each other as soulless animals, they know better.