Comment: Concerning future campaigns.

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Concerning future campaigns.

I think it is extremely important to note that we should be wary of where the money from campaign contributions is really going.I would myself only give money to back the airing of specific commercials/videos that CLEARLY promote the principles of truth,freedom and peace.Why can't we condense all of our great principles and contrast the liberty candidates from the typical politician of both parties in one tv ad or youtube video?Personally, I would give money ONLY to directly fund the airing of such a commercial.Maybe we could just get behind and fund an ad that promotes our agreed principles and mentions several liberty candidates as well as one that does not mention specific candidates.Remember the end of the "Ron Paul Stop Dreaming" video where it simply got the point across that Ron Paul has never voted to raise taxes,never voted for an unbalanced budget,voted against the Iraq war,etc?THAT is getting your point across and I can't understand how " paid professional" campaign managers could not see the logic in this method unless they had no intentions of winning in the first place. And if we had a great video that got simple points across,I think we could make it go viral on the internet,nationwide and worldwide, without asking people for money.All it would take is a united,focused effort of people taking the time to help spread a video on the internet.