Comment: Many "survival" sites say Idaho - the view from here...

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Many "survival" sites say Idaho - the view from here...

We are developing a farm in a very rural area. The neighbors are awesome. Low property tax, relatively minimal codes, but income tax is a killer. Sales tax is 6% - most folks on this side go to Oregon to shop if they can - no sales tax there (but outrageous property taxes.) We don't have a house yet, so we rented a place nearby. Our landlord ripped my husband a new hole for wearing a Ron Paul T-shirt. We have to support Mitt now, and we DO know that we HAVE to be at war, right? The local pawn / gold / second hand shop has the entire store front covered in anti-Obama messages, there is a concrete marker in downtown marking where the first white woman in Idaho was buried. Seriously - it cracked me up when I saw it. Or should I say, crackered me up?
There are really good people fighting amazing battles here, but the meetup was (from my observation) founded by infiltrators and remains useless under their direction. The battle for liberty here is fierce, but it is being done by individuals.
The state government has a reputation for being independent minded - BULLSHIT. It is entirely run by NWO tools. Butch Otter was a Libertarian, so they gave him Lori - his "honey pot" wife. Our last Governor bragged about Idaho's prison for profit system being a "growth industry." Judges, cops and lawyers (including public defenders) own stock in these prison systems. And when I say "prison" I mean the COUNTY JAIL. Larry Craig grew up in this sleepy little town where I am renting from Mittzilla. Somehow he wound up knee deep (or a bit deeper) in the Franklin Scandal - although no one cares to look at the evidence that implicates him. The little town I lived in a few years ago had a Sheriff's deputy come by and I swear - he looked like he was about to kidnap my grandson. He did not see me (I was behind a huge, 100+ year old tree from his perspective...) I can't prove anything - I went and got my grandson and took him inside for crying out loud! But I know too many Idaho politicians too well now. Ron Paul cured my delusions....
At any rate, understand that Idaho is lovely, serene and filled with good people, and probably a tinder box trap. Learn what happened at Ruby Ridge, learn about Edgar Steele, and learn about my family:

And learn about my friends:

On the plus side, people here ARE waking up. The little old ladies in the local GOP are on to Agenda 21 - that is much better than 4 years ago. However, they still worship the Bush family. We could use your help - if you decide on Idaho email me, and I will tell you whatever I can to help. But I do not want you believing the nonsense I read about this state. We are under the jack boot here, too.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.