Comment: Of course I have all the respect in the world for Ron Paul

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Of course I have all the respect in the world for Ron Paul

but I disagree. He's talking as if nothing ever changes, and nothing ever will, as if this arrangement is set in stone now and forever. And I can understand why he believes this: He's been in this system for 35 years or more, banging his head against the same wall. It never moves and it never changes.

But eventually, everything changes. John Runnings was a Seattle activist when I was in college there at the University of Washington. He had an old Pinto, that was painted with all kinds of protests, as well as a big sign on top. He used to walk around campus with a giant world on a stick. I remember seeing him when I was eating lunch. Everyone thought he was a kook.

So imagine my surprise when I went to the Berlin Wall museum in 1998, to find a big display dedicated to Mr. Runnings, the Wall Walker, hero, and a video of him walking around on top of the Berlin Wall, long before it ever fell.

Like the Democratic/Republican Duopoly, it looked like that Wall would never fall. It was there, and it looked like it always would be. And then one day, without much warning, it was gone, relegated to the dustbin of history.

Things change, and they change when you least expect them.

Ron Paul is a revolutionary in some respects; In this respect, he's very much for the status quo.

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