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True except

we didn't mention anything about our motives or other detailed needs such as the ability to live off grid for extended periods of time, place to build a shooting range, good places for surveillance spots and lookouts, easily defense-able property layout, etc.

We basically only told him we wanted 10-40 acres, some natural source of water, and maybe the ability to have a horse or cow some day. Our line was we were simply looking for a "vacation property", so our kids (home schooled) could enjoy the outdoors more.

The second day He started a rant against the Patriot Act without any kind of lead in from us.

Also I told my wife we could get some tools from a pawn shop. She said that she had never been in a pawn shop, but I corrected her and told her that she got her pistol from a pawn shop. The realtor spouted up that he only buys guns via private sale from the local online yard sale sight...never from any stores. Maybe fairly common given the demographics of the area, but still an interesting tidbit.

I wouldn't expect this stuff in a normal sales pitch, but maybe I'm just easily duped.

I also know that many of the other prepper-friendly properties (water source, alternative energy, matures orchards & gardens, good mix of farm land and woods, etc.) that we had wanted to see had been snatched up in the 4 weeks since our initial talk with him and our visit this past week. Again maybe just a coincidence, but still...

Our family's journey from the Rocket City to the Redoubt: