Comment: Agreed that examples were cherry picked

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Agreed that examples were cherry picked

but I disagree on the point that college (in general) is still worth attending. In *some* fields, such as medical and biotech, yes, but when I see people getting $100k+ in debt just to learn what amounts to novice-level programming and design, I just have to shake my head.

Ultimately though it's the people who screw themselves over, as usual. A few of my friends in San Fran (of course) went for art history, drama, and the like. Last I heard, they now beg on the street and sleep at Golden Gate Park.

Everyone here can give examples as to why it's good or bad, but college is ultimately what one makes of it, though I still firmly believe it didn't do me a lick of good. The entire course was teaching stuff I knew in grade school(!), but I 'had' to get a degree if I wanted a job. I said screw it, dropped out, and now work for myself. The money isn't great but I love the hours!

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