Comment: Ridiculous

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1 - "Those who support Rand are the ones that said Ron Paul had no chance." That would be the majority of the Republican party, the MAJORITY!
2 - "Rand Paul chose to support Romney over his own father." Wrong. Rand endorsed Mitt over Obama only after Ron's campaign ended and it was clear he wouldn't be the nominee.
3 - "Rand is loved by Neocons." That translates to the neocon vote, the majority of Republicans.
4 - "He will choose party line over principal." That's not what we see on the Senate floor.
5 - "The only liberty candidate that will get support from the liberty movement is someone that voted and supported liberty in 2012." Rand supports liberty on the Senate floor daily.
6 - "Anyone who says these guys can't win are those same people that thought Romney could." That would be the neocons and I don't see any support there for the potential candidates listed.
The way I see it is that Rand is the bridge between neocons and liberty.