Comment: I will ask her, but it ain't that.

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I will ask her, but it ain't that.

She is a saucy little Hispanic woman, he is a retired cop. He has been fighting for individual's sovereign rights, having learned how corrupt the system was as a good person in a corrupt police force.
They are some of the nicest people you could meet. I understand it is Idaho, but - no. Not these folks.
Funny thing, though. A lot of the "White Supremacist" stuff ispropaganda. I know several "White Supremacists" now and they really just want "white equality." It is like the gay thing - they put the "flamers" on TV to offend the old folks while every kid has a gay friend now - helps create division among people. There are very few "skin head Neo-Nazi" types in Idaho. Sorry to bust a stereotype.

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