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read Talmud.

no thin air. WE humans = all of us or 99.99% are prone to error, we could be angry, forgetful, unclean, foul-mouthed, repeating mistakes, etc., on a civil level wrong is recognized wrong. But there is the Talmud, a written book, revered by jews, considered holy, taught ritually to be followed, it is deliberated upon regularly. This Talmud is full of racism, bigotry, superiority complex, license to sin against non-jews, etc. It is very much anti-christ, it slanders the honored Maseah and his virtuous mother. No Christian with an iota of faith & loyalty can ever read this false & filthy writing.
Firstly, taking side of zionist land-grab & oppression is unfair on a civil level. On religious grounds siding with zion is immoral disloyalty.