Comment: No. In fact, banks today lend "legal tender." Not money.

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No. In fact, banks today lend "legal tender." Not money.

The last money in common circulation around the world is our US Nickel. It is worth its weight.

When banks have you sign up for what they refer to a loan... is not. They are simply providing a line-of-credit. Keeping a tab on you.

Years gone by, businesses dealt with banks. Common folk did not. This whole system of banks on every main street is new. Branch banking is new. Interstate banking is new. To me anyways.

I was a young buck of 22 at the time. Sturdy hanging tree here!
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1857. Bizarre Ox Cart War. Gold & Silver in Texas. Submitted by Mark Twain, 08/17/2011

There are some mighty fine hanging trees. Unfortunately, the mighty doing the hanging are suspect incarnate.

In the case of the 1857 Ox Cart war, was hanging done by the newly arrived Americans? The hung were oft the Spanish or Mexican that lost their gold & silver in transit... then set about complaining.

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