Comment: Rand Paul is the best hope we have for the future.

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Rand Paul is the best hope we have for the future.

And I am sure Ron Paul would be a BIG part of a Rand Paul government.

Have you ever noticed that before a big debate between Obama and Romney, the two men would approach each other, embrace each other, and give a warm handshake and they SEEMED to be saying something nice to each other. Making all nicey nice.

Don't you imagine that each would rather tear the arm out of the other person's socket - than to do that?

Its called, diplomacy. Its something I couldn't do. And I bet most of you couldn't either. But its what makes a GOOD politician able to meet with his enemies and try to get beyond personal differences.

I have no doubt that Rand found endorsing Romney to be distasteful. Rand even campaigned for Romney - a few times - until top Republicans realized Rand was telling the truth and knocking Romney's foreign policy. Politics may require you to be nice - but they can't require you to lie. (Though coincidently many politicians pick up that skill on their own).

Rand is a bridge builder and its not always easy, but he does it.