Comment: Fictitious labels

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Fictitious labels

Michael. What is our infatuation with imaginary labels, anyway? The only thing it means to be a "Libertarian" or an "Independent" or a "Republiacn" is the meaning you give it. Labels only serve to draw circles around ourselves and paint with a broad brush. They are 100% fiction, anyway. The tribal idea of embracing one illusionary label over other is totally antithitical to freedom and liberty.

"Michael" is even imaginary if you think about. But if you changed your name to "Pete" would your eye color change? Would your DNA change? You are still the same person no matter what.

The beauty of taking over the GOP is that we know the label is just an illusion. One fake name or the other. What do you really care?

Is this discussion really about Republicans, or is it more to do with the ego and make-believe titles? More to do with team-thinking? More to do with polarization instead of unity.

At the end of the day, we are actually all on the same team. Humanity's team.