Comment: What If the Best Defense Against Zionism

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What If the Best Defense Against Zionism

...was Jewish people all over the World waking up to the evil of Zionism and seeing exactly what is being done in their names just as some of us here are against the aggression being done in our name by the US?

Of course in order to consider that possibility you would have to see and acknowledge that the Jewish people do not equal Zionism and stop mixing the labels. The elites (many but not all of whom are Jewish) LOVE to equate "Jew" with "Zionism." Age-old tactic.

Zionism can be best fought...or at least one prong in the war Jewish people who, like Zionist, are all over the world.
And, I would like to offer that although it is a slow process, many are waking up.

Met a very young Jewish Rabbi not long ago and asked him what he thought about Israel. He shook his head and said you know there were many Jewish people who were against the State of Israel and were afraid of where it would lead. Once it was a fact, many hoped it would be a peaceful place where all religions could enjoy proximity whith their most holy spots. He went on to say very sadly, "And look what has happened. Now they hate us all over the world for what we are doing."

Jewish people are waking up to aggression committed in their names the same as Americans are. And, many of them "are" Americans...double shame.