Comment: Fine print?

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Fine print?

Please do not assume too much in between the lines of what I may write, and I can try to do the same.

There is nothing wrong with using money, credit cards, banks, "fiat currency", paper money, digital money, whiskey as money, electricity as money, because the tool is essential itself, like a knife is used to cut carrots for stew, where a hammer is not essential for that job.

For those who may be thinking that there is this idea floating around whereby "money" is bad, or "government", is bad, or even deception, threats, or violence, is bad, itself, for those who may think that, please stop thinking that, or please don't blame me for thinking that, if that is what you are doing.

This period of time is a period of time, like many times before, whereby the criminals make the LEGAL MONEY we use: WORTH-LESS to us, as it become WORTH-MORE to them.

Advice of not using their "denomination" is just that, advice that suggests a need for the victims to stop paying the criminals so well, and the advice is not to "cut off all contact" with each other, which is exactly what the criminals want, they make LEGAL MONEY WORTH-LESS to the victims so as to make the victims POWERLESS.

Ending the animated contest of freedom, voluntarily, by refusing to invent, produce, and maintain a competitive LEGAL MONEY, falls into the hands of the Legal Criminals exactly that way.

Then, when we are at our weakest, they arrive on the scene with their new LEGAL MONOPOLY MONEY POWER, to save the day.

I'm not saying anyone specific, is failing to see this, I'm asking, please, if you see this, then reinforce this viewpoint, or if you think this viewpoint is in error, then show me the higher quality and lower cost viewpoint - please.