Comment: My response - It is perplexing but not unsolvable

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My response - It is perplexing but not unsolvable

(I posted this to your blog as well)

I have two thoughts on this, because you are right that it seems terribly disingenuous to seemingly recite Rothbardian style an cap ideas from a position within the government. And it seems strange that principled anarchists like Block, Rockwell, Murphy etc., fawn over Dr. Paul despite him seemingly being easy with discussing constitutionalism, limited government, etc.

Despite being personally straight, totally disgusted with the idea of personally engaging homosexual sex, taking money for it, and drinking a barf-tasting booze made in toilets, I may very well partake of these things if I am locked in a prison. I may have ideas that I don't like these things and talk openly about it, but in the context of my imprisonment I act in context of the environment. Paul has found government office and presidential campaigns a good way to get TV coverage and to reach out to people. Just like using the post office and driving on public roads, he must act in the context of a society with a state, even if he can speak to principled ideas or even very compromised ones that are relativistic to a state-controlled society.

Walter Block, for example, does this as well. Despite being a vocal atheist and anarcho capitalist, his platform for communication and livelihood is a Christian university that likely receives grants or subsidies from the state.

You could take a transcript of a Ron Paul speech and put it on a teleprompter for Gary Johnson or Mitt Romney or Me or your second grade teacher and two people might show up. Let Ron Paul do it and 5,000 people show up and want to get r3VOLution tattooed on their face. Whatever magic power he has, it's up and beyond the message, because the message by itself doesn't make people weepy when they see a video montage of him at rallies with symphony music behind it.

This is my answer to "why is it that libertarians lap up virtually everything Ron Paul does or says whilst ignoring real philosophies of freedom?"

But don't despair! A lot of people are digging into the real philosophies of freedom, and Dr. Paul helped them take the first few steps.

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