Comment: Bravo for you!

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Bravo for you!

And welcome to this trans-generational debate. It's been raging on for the past 40 years. FSP argued this one to death but there's that in NH, there's this "inner bastion" thing more kind of centered around Wyoming I think, Pastor Chuck led his flock to the Dakotas, Alaska has a pretty vigorous thing going, Arizona is still a relatively free place to live and work (or starve). Haven't heard much about Montana Freemen these days but the idea is there.

In general, it seems almost everyplace it's warm is no-go territory for us. Freedom seems to involve freezing our butts off. If only we understood why that is we might be able to change it.

The absolute priority for me is a state and locale that allows me to defend myself and those I protect. Everything builds from that for me. If we can't keep what we build, why build it?

Too bad Detriot and some cities are just freaking stupid that way because the idea of urban homesteading and community building really appeals to me. There's portions of liberal cities literally going back to nature, deer and animals running around...nearly free land and structures to rehabilitate or break down and recycle the materials into new structures. But I feel like anything we'd do there would bring rafts of regulators coming to dictate every detail of life.

But a project like that kinda brings back some of the explosive enthusiasm I had as a youth. A project like that I could dedicate the rest of my life to.

I discovered this thing about children. They grow up and go away but there's basically an endless supply of them out there that need parenting. Self-sustainability + children = retirement package.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.