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Have to disagree with you...

Like many planks of the liberty platform, the open border policy is at least highly inconvenient if not entirely untenable on a stand-alone basis if incorporated into our current societal framework. If you have a state that takes from some by force to give to others, then you should probably limit immigration as narrowly as possible to ensure that you are not merely attracting more recipients (ultimately, such an authoritarian state may have to limit emigration as well to prevent the exodus of net producers... another argument against closed borders). Moreover, if you engage in perpetual warfare and mass killing throughout the world, you would have to protect against the immigration of people who have been so radicalized that they only recourse they can seek is to enter the "belly of the beast" and bring about the greatest number of casualties possible.
On the other hand, if people were truly free and there were no magnets to attract those who seek to better lot, you would still allow the free flow of all of those who seek to better their lot by meeting the opportunities abounding in a free state with their willing to work.

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