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But Do You See Them AS Equal

...human beings made in the image of God? Have you listened to any of the videos by "The General's Son" that have been posted, because he has a different perspective than you.

I see only sub-human Zionism, no sub-human Jews or sub-human Arabs.

I mentioned one Rabbi I met who thought much as I do. I met another sitting in a street fair booth with a sign "Ask the Rabbi." I asked what he if he believed in Zionism and got an answer I did not expect. He lashed out, "And why would I not? They were like cock-roaches wandering around the dessert on their camels until "we" came and brought civilization to the Middle East."

I wonder if it is true that in Israel you get little more than a slap on the wrist and your driver's license suspended if you kill an Arab child, it's not publicized and you plead in all cases "self-defense."

Perhaps you like that Rabbi have first hand knowledge of the real situation in Israel. Have you gone to a summer program in a kibbutz?
And, if so, did you find the discourse benign, Golden Rulish and like Ron Paul? Perhaps I am just very naive about the plight of the Palestinian people and the true intentions of those who set the rules in Israel. Perhaps I have it all wrong.