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Well, that's the plan, my friend :

Well, that's the plan, my friend :

the state decides what you should know;

the state decides how knowledgeable and performing you are ... per their bureaucrats' criteria;

the state decides what your knowledge and skills are useful or irrelevant for;

the state decides how honorable or rare or common your degree is;

the state decides how much money you have to be stolen to pay $200,000/year the school administrators and fund their retirements;

the state decides how far you should despise or reject your parent's values;

the state decides ... whatever.

you see where I'm going :

welcome to the public education system and its administration, planners, regulators.

Nevermind your self-teaching capabilities out of your mere guts and efforts, not costing money to anyone but you and for your own benefit, because you are self-reliant.

Interestingly enough, though... thank God, the markets aren't so completely poisoned to be fooled or complacent or rent-seeking corrupt as much as some people are.

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