Comment: You are confused. I'm not a joker. Nor do I wish them upon you.

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You are confused. I'm not a joker. Nor do I wish them upon you.

    "Please do not even divulge the fact that I own a machine. I have entirely stopped using the Type-Writer, for the reason that I never could write a letter with it to anybody without receiving a request by return mail that I would not only describe the machine but state what progress I had made in the use of it, etc., etc. I don't like to write letters, and so I don't want people to know that I own this curiosity-breeding little joker."
    - Letter, 19 March 1875

For jester employment & salary, look here:

    An article in the New York Sun, "Mark Twain At Bible Class," January 29, 1902, p. 2 reported: "Mark sat in the pastor's high-backed chair behind the pulpit and joined in the opening hymn, keeping time with one hand and one foot. He didn't have a brand new speech, so he read his story "Message to the Director General," published recently. He was introduced as jester and philosopher, and replied that he wished he could collect salaries for all the different things he had been called."
    Also reported in The New York Times, January 29, 1902.

If you want to see who is making money, take a look here: ♔ "Money Trail" ♔ International Bank Cartel ♖ Monopoly Boyz Submitted by Mark Twain on Fri, 11/16/2012

I am generally referred to a a humorist. Not really sure if it is so.

For unemployment, just stop looking.

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