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and yet another crack forms...

thank you also Michael for this post. I signed in just to reply to this...something just hit me like a ton of bricks and what a coincidence that i read your post.

what happened in a nutshell is this...

since the election I have been a mouthpiece for action, that we have to take over the GOP and start pushing for Rand in 2016. I am known at work as the "Ron Paul guy", and I literally had establishment republicans running to me asking what do we do after the Romney loss. Most did not like him but voted anyway and couldn't bring themselves to vote GJ in the hopes of reaching anyhow, I have been whipping myself into a frenzy as of late even to the point of calling a local radio staion this morning (WPDH) to give them my two cents on the gas rationing that happened in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

I saw this Politico piece on Rand

I am floored at his suggestion of how to handle immigration...that as we "assimilate" those that are applicants have to wait?? no new applicants while we accept into our society those that broke the law to come here?

I am sorry, but being born here into a family of immigrants all who got into line and at any given time throughout my extended family there are those who are contending with the byzantine regulations of the INS...but we follow the rules...and we wait.

Rand Paul would punish my family by suspending new applications and reward those untold millions who ran across the border?

I have given generously to the RP2012 campaign and to the grassroots efforts. Though I may not be as vocal on the DP, in real life it is a different story.

I can no longer support the idea of Rand 2016...or for that matter the GOP.

I am done with that...another crack has formed.