Comment: This is the coalition

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This is the coalition

We should be cultivating. With apologies to my lefty libertarian friends. The Limbaugh grass roots and the Paul revolutionaries. This is the natural conservative coalition. Had the Repubs been smart enough to find common ground this election cycle, a Republican would have won last week. All it would take is a bit of moderation on foreign intervention and a better understanding of the Federal Reserve - and a bit of moderation from us Paul people with respect to our anti-war philosophy and more clarity with respect to how bad Obama is for the country.

Now that the Republican establishment has been discredited (Limbaugh and Levin hate them as much as we do)we can go about the work of forging this conservative populist coalition. Dr. Paul can help by talking more like a conservative like he did in much of his farewell speech. Continue to focus on virtue and morality and a bit less about blowback. The welfare state is just as dangerous as the warfare state, especially now that a welfare pimp has won reelection.