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The pattern implies

The pattern implies this.
Free state = no economy no jobs. Florida for example, we call it "The Gunshine State" but try having a real career there.

I think there is some central planning involved, but also money attracts a huge parasite factor too (socialism - the more money, the more people showing up sticking their hand out).

Funny thing is, state nullification and perhaps even secession could make these Free-n-poor states into economic paradises but lo, the moment the refugees from the various Peoples Republiks (New York, Illinois, CA, etc) get to the free zone, what happens? They gotta work so hard at a low pay job, even more than one, there is no time left to fight for liberty.

It's like when Ron Paul ran the first time in 2008, it was hard not to notice how the meetup group brought a parking lot full of old cars and half-wrecked pickup trucks. So twice we just "didn't have the numbers" and heck half the time it was "I can't get to the caucus because I have to work that day".

That too, seems intentional.