Comment: if you don't know

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if you don't know

it is worse dealing with so called know it alls
you were called out for being an idiot,amongst other things
the proof is in your post and your tactics,fishy called you on it
as i did,and your only retort is deflect blame and attention
away from that fact
you might think you are smart for your unending use of words
but others not so much,such a smart guy like you,should have known that
"look at me,i yelled louder and use big words"
i am done with the likes of you,grow up
oh and do your own research and homework,or better yet,re-read these posts of yours,you are a bad mix of hypocrite and idiot
peace out(thats what us hippies say all the time)

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.