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Questions of Logic from a Neophyte

(...which might be of use given many of our problems stem from the fact that the masses are for the most part neophytes...some love status quo and a smaller number want to grow. Most are educationally deprived right now.)

Would you carry the fallacy of "we" to the extent that The Bill of Rights and the Constitution imply that all are created equal, even that this is self-evident, and, yet, this will never be true unless we are cloned and therefore have little opportunity for individualism (Brave New World). In such a situation we are by nature designed and enslaved to certain tasks. Hardly free.

On the other hand, if we have "true" liberty and free-markets operating in a free society, the idea that everyone must be given equal opportunity takes away the potential and rightful gains from those who work harder and are more talented. It also takes away opportunity from those fortunate enough geographically and biologically to be provided with more opportunity. Society as a whole suffers.

So is a prerequisite to a truly free market with liberty for all dropping the "equality" mind-set (except perhaps for the faith-based, recognizing that all are created equally from a Creator's purpose with free will and opportunity to advance spiritually if not materially.)

And, finally, if the transition required a group of the more forward thinking and wise to make decisions in the interim, even draw up a new Constitution, what would prevent such a group from being viewed as the elite, whether they were "good men" or not.