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I agree...and disagree.

Wisdom from comedians is like wisdom from religion. Some people get it, some don't and we are never absolutely certain how the messenger/deliverer meant it!

I don't believe Carlin was "godless" at all. I believe he was RELIGION-less, for sure. "God" is an abstract almost. The definition of God varies...immensely...from person to person.

"The only people who respect George Carlin are Godless foul mouthed people who get off on the idea of housing the poor in cemeteries." I guess assuming and conjecture of groups of people, and individuals, you don't even know is a Liberty ideal? He was making a JOKE! It was meant to be humorous, and maybe thought-provoking. I am not foul-mouthed, and I am NOT Godless, but I respect George Carlin immensely. So, your accusation/assumption is wrong in my case.