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Thank You Clyde and I Agree

I wish there was not so much resistance to looking at the words and phrases that either don't fit for these days and times, never did, or have become hijacked and twisted to such a degree that we need to back up and look at them again.

I have tremendous respect for the Founding Fathers and recognize that those words have offered hope for an ideal world to many. However, I see two problems we are faced with now. (1) We can't approximate "liberty" for all as long as there is an unsustainable system in place that interprets "equality" as entitlement programs. (2) Almost everything by the Federal Government "infringes" on what we "thought" to be our rights.

Are you proposing constitutional conventions in "each" state that so chooses and assuming others will follow or lose their business and citizens? A re-education will take place as the power shifts to the States and in the hands of the individuals?

It is my understanding that there is no group of people who have insinuated that the Constitution was handed down by God and was ever intended to be viewed as scripture and infallible except the Mormons (and I doubt all Mormons believe that, certainly not Mitt Romney).

Further it seems to me that if we remain on our present trajectory, not only will administration after administration, Supreme Court after Supreme Court, and local judges ignore will become such a stretch from reality that it won't even make any sense. Ron Paul says "why don't we just follow the Constitution?" That got some people looking at it. I think it is possible that Ron Paul knew that there is very little likelihood that we will follow it given crony capitalism and that if we did with its current interpretation that would just sink us deeper into socialism.

I know little compared to many on this blog. I haven't studied Mises in depth. I am coming primarily from logic and would appreciate my logic being corrected as I want very much to understand.