Comment: NH only if you fit

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NH only if you fit

NH has been "Best place to raise kids" for ~ 4 years in a row.
NH is NOT NY. Freedom can be ugly.
Inventory what you believe, and if it aligns with NH and the people, then think about it. If you are a I heart NY person, then you won't be happy here in this quiet backwoods state. I commute to LI NY for my job every couple of weeks.

I moved in 09, and it was the best decision ever.

I think the traditional NH way is fantastic and moved here to support NH. I have stopped trying to get everyone to move after I realized that most people don't 'get' freedom and liberty. Large populations become rude etc. Its not a knock, but fact of human nature / mob psychology.

I am very glad you are looking to get out of NY for your family. Make sure where you land fits. Good luck!