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Was Not Insinuating You Lived in A Vacuum

...was just surmising that you were Jewish and had, indeed, been to Israel.

And, yes, I shared two very different stories from two Rabbis. One that I identified with and learned from and one that scared me to death. I could probably have the same experieence with two Christian ministers at extremes.

LOL And don't take this wrong, but when I asked one Jewish friend about the kibbutz experience as I idealized it as being like my old hippie dream of living in a commune, she laughed and said, "Oh, Fonta, kibbutzes are where we send our bad little teenager boys for the summer so they will come back and appreciate what we are giving them here." I thought it was funny and hope you don't take offense. At the time I had a challenging little teenage boy who I felt needed a similar experience!

I appreciate you sharing some of your background as that does put your comments in a different perspective. However, I don't retract my statement that I know wonderful Arab people and I do not feel the militant element in Palestine is reflective of all Arabs nor do I believe that the Palestinian?Israel situation is unsolvable. I tend to agree with "The General's Son" that at this point, despite the past rightness or wrongness, a shared State would make the most sense.

I also agree with Ron Paul that it is not our battle which does not mean that we cannot support diplomatic approaches to peace in the Middle East which would be the best situation for all.