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Comment: this is backwards

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this is backwards

you do not ask the employee,you tell them
the master owns the slaves
but here is the kicker,during the restructuring
after the civil war all states were rolled under the
corporation banner of the fed gov,this is why all money flows to the fed,and dribbled back to the states,this is why the fed runs everything
it is all owned by the feds,this is why we pay taxes on everything
we do not own a thing,we rent from the owners
now if we could do away with the fed res,the money flowing to buy elections,and reps would stop
the fed res is not an american institution,it is a foreign ran and owned corporation,washington borrowed,lincoln borrowed from the same ones who own the fed res
this is why the fed gov has no need to answer anything they do
they are all owned and paid by foreigners,paid to do their bidding
and they do it well
doesn't it surprise anyone that we were bankrupt,at the same time we
were still using gold/silver coins for exchange?
the fed gov is a foreign corp,this corp is england,and owned by the likes of the Rothschilds,and a few others,on paper they own it all
and they run it the way they want it ran,and it all goes back to the fed res

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