Comment: I didn't say that Muslim fathers

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I didn't say that Muslim fathers

don't love their children. I'm saying that if they put their time and treasure into their families instead of into hate and warfare they would climb out of their problems very quickly. Instead they wallow in their problems, teaching the same loser mindset to the next generation. They don't love their kids enough to change their own obviously failed outlook, and to rise up and begin acting better. I know that it can be done, because I know people who have accomplished it.

Of course, Gold Meir never did live in Israel. She had no first-hand knowledge of how it is there. She had no clue about Muslim culture, none whatsoever.

Yes, I have been in a bit of the Muslim world. I also read like crazy. I can see what Islam does to men.

I have a Native-American friend who is the black sheep of his family because he stopped the drinking and bellyaching, decided to practice gratitude, started a business, and is sending his children to a private school. He grew up, stood up, and changed his progeny's future for the better. I have a physician friend who ran a medical clinic for a tribe. She ended up leaving because their incredible ingratitude caused them to curse and abuse her, and to plot evil against her. She knows why the Indians on the Rez live poor and birth so many babies with fetal alcohol syndrome, and why there is so much domestic abuse. They are doing this to themselves. They want to believe that their situation is someone else's fault. They will not love their children more than they love their ingratitude, their bad attitudes, and until they do, they won't make progress. Same with the Gazan people. It's not that hard of a concept for us to understand. Or maybe it is, or maybe we don't want to understand it......