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Are they talking about taking

Are they talking about taking away the fraud money now? I thought they were printing billions every month..QE3?

Honestly, I haven't heard or read a drop of new all week, except of what I pick up here at the DP, which has to be parced out between truth and far-fetched sensationalism.

I saw Missouri had a succeed petition and was going to sign it, but decided I was already on some list somewhere and felt caution that I did not need to be volunteering my name onto any whitehouse lists.

I have sent an edited version up of your introduction as a reply. Please check it out to see if I have lost any meaning. There were times if I were to remove or to insert punctuation it could change your intended meaning. One thing that can improve readability can be to use shorter sentences. Another can be to remove any words that are not necessary to meaning. I tried to incorporate some of those techniques. I feel like I need to go back to school. Joe, you are very intelligent. I do not think I can write an introduction like yours: So short and so full of deep meaning.

Do the points contained within your introduction serve as an outline?

I don't know about the wealth of person A and person B. Are you wanting me to engage in discussion on that topic?