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A Constitutional Convention

Requires that the states ratify anything that comes out of one. It requires 3/4 of the states to put any amendment proposed into action.
Are you telling me you believe 38 states would ratify an amendment destroying what imagined liberty you believe you still have? This when the states would not ratify the Equal Rights Amendment? Any total rewrite of the Constitution would require 100% of the states desiring to belong to this new Union to ratify it. If it has a provision like the current Constitution only a subset has to ratify in order for it to go into effect. However, any state that did not ratify at that point would become independent. Say the Con-Con produces your worst nightmare and all of the states needed to activate it ratify. Any remaining states become free. When the U.S. constitution was ratified by 11 states (9 were needed) the last two holdouts - Rhode Island and North Carolina were independent republics for about a year.
If you hold so low an opinion of the legislatures of 38 states, or all 50 states, to think some power grab monstrosity will just sail through them, I think you need to take a closer look. If Washington D.C. wants to pass a power grab amendment and it would pass 38 state legislatures with no problem why have they not done so? A Constitutional Convention is the only way to get amendments that will take power away from Washington D.C. put before the states for consideration for the very reason Washington D.C. does not want power taken away from it.
If you believe in the Constitution, as you imply, then support a Constitutional Convention. The provision to amend the Constitution in this manner is in there. It was put in the Constitution to give the states the ability to change the Constitution in ways that Washington D.C. would not even consider.
Washington D.C. does not want a Con-Con and those that worship its power use the fear that it will get even more power through a Con-Con to paralyze those that want to see power decentralized.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson