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Regulations don't create demand for cheap labor,

markets do. Have you ever shopped around for a cheap lawn guy, plumber, or cleaning person?

I know plenty of immigrants. They do not clamor over the border for 'healthcare' and 'education'. They have no idea what 'healthcare' even means, understandably. It is a morphed-out, government created and controlled, nightmare based on good old fashioned health insurance. Neither are they concerned about education. They are not educated enough to realize the importance of education. They come here because this so happens to be the 'Rome' of the days of the Caesar. They want to proper. And they can make ten times the wages here as they do South of here. I am assuming we are all talking about Latin Americans.

The USgovt. is the plunderer of the world's people. Plundering is mostly covert now and mainly achieved by the trickery of central banking. We happened to be born in a place that prints the world's reserve currency.

It is completely understandable that folks like to live in 'Rome' and they are proud of it. But please don't be in denial about the origin of your relative world wealth.