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We're all flawed. Me included.

"I don't want to see the protection of that liberty in an institution as inefficient, corruptible, destructive and as soulless as the Government."

Tell me about this institution you want to create to replace government? I'll bet you can't explain it in any terms that make sense in the real world.

I know Anarchists see themselves as good people, and some probably are, but I've never spoken to ANY that can explain what it is they want to create, because in the end it starts sounding a lot like what they claim to hate; government.

They have the right idea. Liberty is what we should strive for, but we'll never get it without justice because we live in a world filled with covetous people, and justice won't be what the free market produces unless liberty is what it wants.

Look around our country. These people don't want liberty. They mock liberty and hate Libertarians. They want plunder and slaves.

Don't listen to me. Listen to the voices screaming to you from the past. Look at our history as a people, it can tell you what a free market of violence produces without justice; SLAVERY, a meat market selling human beings to one another.

I'm forced to either believe that Anarchists are the most naive people on the face of the earth, or they WANT to lord over people in a free market of violence, and when I listen to them talk, I can't help but notice they seem to hate people as they constantly exalt themselves, mock faith, and ridicule my country.

Most Anarchists are just well meaning haters, but they are being set up, and I don't want to see them go down like that, because I DO believe they want to defend liberty.