Comment: More oft than admitted, Central Banks pay revolutionaries.

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More oft than admitted, Central Banks pay revolutionaries.

A quick glance at revolutionary events shows that the chronological account of history for mass consumption is:

  • Throw the rascals out!
  • Take over the newspapers & radio
  • Let prisoners free
  • Set up a provisional government
  • Hold an election or two... Keep counting votes until the desired counts are obtained.
  • Announce a plethora of wonderful promises.
  • Go about restoring infrastructure (banking line-of-credit, etc.)
  • Announce "mission accomplished." Change of management is complete.

Order provided is not important, so long as the mission is accomplished. This series of events us usually present in national "change of management" activity (aka: revolution).

For banks is simple.

  1. Disconnect the old stodgy sovereign bank
  2. Close books. Transfer funds to escrow.
  3. Open shiny new Central Bank (private)
  4. Connect international banking lines of credit

Order is important.

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