Comment: I have a real estate license

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I have a real estate license

I have a real estate license here in Las Vegas. I'm searching for land as well. Here are my suggestions: find out about water rights. You might find you can't put a well on your land and you don't want to be at the mercy of a public utility if no one comes to work. Here in the west, most states have a domestic well exempt and don't require water rights to pump a reasonable amount of water. The exception is Utah. Don't buy land unless it has a road to it. If you want a grid connection, get a quote for the cost to bring power out there. Check the zoning as well to make sure it is useful to you.

If you have to buy water rights to have a well on your property, buy the oldest water rights you can get. A water right established in 1928 has more claim to the water than a right established in 1970. Water rights is not a waste of money, water is a commodity and unlike gold, you can drink it. If you need water rights to put in a well, make your offer to buy land contingent on finding acceptable water rights.