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Comment: Yes Debbie157, Israel is surrounded by enemies and yes

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Yes Debbie157, Israel is surrounded by enemies and yes

they are allowed to defend themselves..... BUT.... But at some point Israel should ask itself "HAVE I DONE ANYTHING TO MAKE SUCH ENEMIES? Am I DOING ANYTHING NOW TO CAUSE SUCH HATRED?"

ANd the answer to that is yes! You Debbie may be surrounded by enemies, but if you were stepping on the feet of your enemies, could it be that you partially to blame? Could it be you need to STOP stepping on your enemies toes? Could it be that simple? I submit it is.

Israel steps on its enemies toes with each settlement it builds. It steps by taking property that is disputed and most likely, not theirs.

What is ironic, the property that was taken by german nazis is being returned (RIGHTFULLY SO) to old Jews and their heirs. The same needs to happen for the palistinaians. Not all land was rightfully bought outright. Not all property has clear title but then, common sense rulings on what is and is not someones rightful property needs to be applied. Jewish courts have the zionist agenda and have not and still do not recognize what you or I would easily claim is someone elses property.

Finally, in the end, what you have are two religious extremes who BENEFIT by the fighting. And each extreme wants a Theocratic state, one wants a Jewish state, the other a muslim state. Each extreme side does not benefit and so does not want peace.... they want all.

Well, until one side or the other comes up with a deed signed by God himself, then we need to go back to libertarian common property law to decide who has a rightful claims to what property and who does not.

Remember -- "Might does not Make Right, it just makes Tyranny & lots of injustice".


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